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Our goal: The BMTFA (British Metals Tubes and Fittings Association) is a Trade Association proud to represent the interests of its members who are involved in the manufacture and distribution of metal tubes and fittings in the UK. Our goal is to provide a dedicated, representative voice for the metal tubes and fittings industry. By engaging with partners and stakeholders on behalf of our members, we aim to ensure that the industry works as effectively as possible in the interests of our members and their customers.

As part of the BMTFA’s role we have sought to understand how the lessons learned from the Grenfell disaster could be implemented by our membership.

Judith Hackitt’s independent review of building regulations and fire safety provides us with a starting point in that changes to regulatory regimes can assist with safety but on their own will not be sufficient unless we:

  • Change the culture away from one of doing the minimum required for compliance.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for delivering a safe system throughout the life cycle of a product/system/project.

In this regard, BMTFA’s primary concern is to ensure that products comply with the applicable standards. Our technical focus continues to this day to ensure the quality of all products supplied in or imported into the UK satisfy the specifications of the UK, European, and world markets. Products are required to be fit-for-purpose and they need to be demonstrably safe, of good quality, and meet specifications required by customers. This, in our view, is one of the key messages from Grenfell.

As BMTFA is a Trade Association, we are unable to provide any kind of endorsement or recommendation regarding products in use. Equally we cannot recommend whether certain products should be used in place of those that have been certified to a standard. If regulation alone is insufficient, we would propose that the following are also observed as key lessons learned:

  • Product Integrity: Ensure the accurate provision and use of manufacturer product information and it is fit-for-use.
  • Project and Product Information: Badges of conformity can assist professionals and their clients make increasingly complicated decisions more quickly and safely. They help people without the technical expertise know what to ask for. However, they are only as good as the product or manufacturing testing and approval system upon which they rely. That testing or approval system must be robust, transparent, and trusted.
  • Competence: Consider the minimum level of product understanding required to interact with product in question.

Disclaimers: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Membership: Is available to companies who manufacture and distribute Metal Tube, Fittings and associated products used in their installation and who are UK based or have wholly owned subsidiary companies based in the UK. If you would like to find out more about BMTFA membership please click on the link below and we will be in touch.

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Current BMTFA Member Organisations

In this section you will find an overview of the members of “The British Metal Tubes & Fittings Association” (BMTFA). The profiles are split into manufacturer and distributor sections. To find out more about individual businesses please see the profiles below which include links to websites.
Manufacturers include global and local businesses, all of whom benefit from having a UK base, offering not only manufacturing of market leading products, but also technical support. These companies understand the challenges facing installation of products in the UK market and can provide guidance on their products, training and technical support.
Distributors include national and regional businesses all of whom have a focus around the efficient supply of tubes and fittings. These businesses are strategically located to provide excellent service in both the supply of product and technical support for your projects due to their close working relationship with manufacturers.

Latest News

Latest News
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Increased Costs of Material and Shipping
Published 22/01/2021

Over the last few months we have been asked by the industry the effect both Brexit and Covid19 may have on the costs of materials and shipping in the short and medium term for both secured and future projects.

Up until December there have only been the standard yearly (December &...

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Introducing the SBS Academy
Published 26/03/2021

BMTFA member Smith Brothers are delighted to introduce the SBS Academy. A Learning Management System (LMS) designed to aid staff members with their personal development and help to enhance their overall knowledge of the business, its systems and product range.

The SBS Academy consists of...

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BMTFA Technical Committee March 2019
Published 28/03/2018

The next meeting if the BMTFA Technical Committee will be held at Tata Steel Europe Ltd Corby Technical Centre on Wednesday 20 th March 2019 commencing at 10.00am

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Responsible Steel
Published 20/08/2020

BMTFA member Tata Steel makes further commitment to responsible steelmaking around the globe

Tata Steel announced it has joined forces with global steel-making standards organisation ResponsibleSteel, giving customers and consumers even more confidence the company is committed to reducing...

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Latest Downloads

Latest News
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New BMTFA industry information pack:
Published 08/06/2021

When purchasing malleable cast iron fittings, it is important to understand the technical differences between products and the standards, legislation or regulations applicable, to ensure that only fittings of the appropriate type, grade and technical delivery conditions and standards are...

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New BMTFA industry information pack
Published 20/04/2021

From the 20th April 2021, unlike BS EN10217-1 TR2 Grades and BS EN10217-2 GH Grades, all BS EN10217-1 TR1 Grades are no longer acceptable for use in applications under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED -2014/68/EU) (“the Directive”), which was implemented into UK law by the Pressure...

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